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Token Holder-Only Webinars & Conferences

Token holder-only webinars or virtual conferences, featuring industry experts and thought leaders, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities.


Accounce new product exclusivity for holders

Announce new product exclusivity for token holders on a gated webpage, providing early access and unique benefits to drive token adoption and reward loyalty.


Access to exclusive content or product features

Provide exclusive content and early access to information on a gated webpage, allowing token holders to stay informed and enjoy privileged benefits.


Create a live-stream on discord just for holders

Stream exclusive live events for token holders on Discord, offering an immersive and interactive experience in a gated environment.


Create a specific announcement channels for holder exclusivities

Deliver important updates and exclusive news to token holders through a dedicated announcement channel on Telegram, enhancing their access to privileged information.


Exclusive Content Series

Exclusive content series, podcasts, or webinars hosted by project team members or industry influencers, delivering valuable insights and knowledge to token holders.


Exclusive Gaming Tournaments

Exclusive gaming tournaments or events for token holders, creating a competitive and engaging environment within the community.


Drop the picture of an events only to attendees or NFT community

Share event pictures exclusively with attendees or the NFT community on a gated webpage, creating a sense of exclusivity and rewarding community participation and engagement.


Exclusive AMA Sessions

Exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with project founders or industry experts, accessible only to token holders, providing them with unique opportunities to ask questions and gain valuable insights.


Sell exclusive merchandise to community

Sell exclusive merchandise to the token-holder community through a gated webpage, offering unique products and experiences.

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