Unlock the full potential of your tokens with ease. Provide token-gated access to web pages, content, and channels without any coding required.

Join with over 10k+ users now

For you as Admin

Design content-gated channels or web-pages with no code

Get real-time verification of ownership from holders

Increase traffic and engagement by making gating easier for users

Collect data and analytics on user behavior in real-time

For your Holders

Keep original wallets safe by connecting read-only wallet(s) to Linkko

Link multiple wallets to verify token ownership across various wallets

Beginner-friendly experience for web3 newcomers

Works seamlessly on mobile devices


Chains We Support

Exploring blockchain technology through our networks


See The Integrations and Extensions

Explore our comprehensive selection of third-party tools and services


Effortlessly Create Token-Gated Access

Set-up your token gated access in a few clicks, segment by token properties, and get up and running  without any technical knowledge.


Connect Accross Multiple Platforms

Seamlessly  integrate with popular platforms or with your own web pages to manage and track all your token-gated access in one place.


Get analytic from your users

Track user behavior, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to maximize the value of your tokens and improve the user experience.


Let’s start your community engagement with our plan

Boost your community engagement efforts with our cost-effective pricing plan


Great to get started


Unlimited access requests

2 configuration

2 blockchains

1 collaborators

Real-time verification

Basic analytics

Basic apps

Standard support

Lifetime Plan

Be part of the journey

0.5 ETH

1000 / 1200 available

Unlimited access requests

Unlimited configuration

Unlimited blockchains

Unlimited collaborators


Real-time verification

Advanced analytics


Premium apps

VIP support

Access to all new features

Exclusive merchandising

Invites to events


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