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Unlock the full potential of your tokens with ease. Provide token-gated access to any webpages and content without any coding required.

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Control access & token-gate your webpages without code


Get analytics from your users to make everything clear

How it works

Token Gate Websites in minutes

Create your token-gated access on the dashboard

Create your ideal token-gated access and customize properties through an intuitive dashboard experience

Copy/paste the snippet generated in your page

The snippet will automatically gate content from the page and ask holders to verify ownership to gain access

Analyze & get web 3 data from your community

Access to the wallet net worth of your communities, their favorite token and NFTs, and more.

Seamless experience of token-gating your Website with Linkko

Linkko will allow you to gate your full website or specific pages in no time.

Maximum benefit for your users

Implementation no-code within minutes

Available on multiple chains and wallets

Valuable analytics and insights

Use cases

Examples of token-gating your Website

Sell specific merchandise to community

Sell exclusive merchandise to the token-holder community through a gated webpage, offering unique products and experiences.

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Token Holder Discounts

Offer exclusive discounts to token holders on a gated webpage, providing them with special pricing and incentives as a reward for their loyalty and participation within the community.

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Access to exclusive product features

Provide exclusive content and early access to information on a gated webpage, allowing token holders to stay informed and enjoy privileged benefits.

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With Linkko, you can create exclusive token-gated accesses, drive community engagement, and unlock valuable insights, resulting in thriving communities and enhanced user experiences.