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Ultra precise targeting with

Powered by web 3 on-chain analytics


Message the right audience. 15s non skippable format.

Linkko share ad revenue with users to their full attention.

🐳 Whale
🎮 Gamers
🔵 Blue Chip
🧙 Crypto OG
🌌 Metaverse
📈 High Risk Profile
🎲 Gambling
👽 Crypto Degen
💼 DeFi User
👗 Fashion
🌀 NFT Degen
🏦 CEX user
💧 Liquid Staking
📉 Low Risk Profile
🏀 Sport


Inbox Format

Maximum deliverability and attention


Users get active and not passive


You pay only after user read (15s minimum)


User choose their attention time


History last forever in the inbox


Get messages & good deals from brands

Maximum deliverability and attention


Example of data segmentation

Demonstrating how information Is categorized, grouped, and harnessed to uncover insights that drive informed decisions and meaningful connections

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Case Studies

Hyper-targeting resulting in high CTR

Discover what Linkko can help your brand category and navigated the path to success

High CTR
Ultra qualified audience
90% of our advertisers top up their campaign budget

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💵 DeFi Case Study

Explore the cutting-edge frontiers of DeFi marketing with Linkko's DeFi Case Study. Witness how this web3 powerhouse empowered a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol

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Track Result Precisely

Stay in control, track your results, and elevate your financial success with clarity and confidence


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